Omni directional antenna

Military Standard Frequency Adjustable GP Antenna

Military Standard Frequency Adjustable GP Antenna DESIGN FEATURES: A ground plane is a flat or nearly flat horizontal conducting surface that serves as part of an antenna, to reflect the radio waves from the other antenna elements. The plane does not necessarily have to be connected to the ground. Ground plane shape and size play […]

TC32M VHF Marine Antenna

TC32M VHF Marine Antenna APPLICATION: TC32M is a high-quality dipole antenna designed for the VHF marine radio communication service. It is a high-quality antenna with durable construction and a beautiful finish for installation on all kinds of Fishing trawlers or Vessels. MOUNTING: TC32M can be mounted directly onto the bulkhead by means of 4 holes […]

TC40M VHF Marine Antenna

TC40M VHF Marine Antenna DESIGN FEATURES: TC40M VHF Omni-directional Marine Band Antenna is a rugged all-weather model that uses high-class brass and copper nylon ultra corrosion resistant Copper or Aluminum alloy and does not require any field tuning or adjustments. All junctions are fully welded to prevent RF inter-modulation and the antenna is completely protected […]

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